Worst and Best Books Of All Time

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I happened across this goodreads list of the "Worst Books Of All Time" completely by accident, but it truly made my day when I saw which book occupied 2nd place. Click here and enjoy a good laugh for the well-deserved placement of BOOK NUMBER TWO!

In stark contrast was the "Best Books Ever" list where you can see the well-deserved placement of BOOK NUMBER TWO that I am hoping will soon be promoted to Number One position... click here. (DO NOT repeat, DO NOT scroll down to see who occupies 6th place!)

Whaddya reckon? Doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart?

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Cheryl said...

YES! And that 2 of her books made top 10 worst! Also so glad that A Million Little Pieces made it on the list. A little sad that The Alchemist was in the top 20 worst.
There must be a lot of Mormons voting, right? I love that the BoM made it to the best books list. Yea, a little unnerving that the 2nd worst is also the 6th best, but look at the number of votes, that made me feel a little bit better.