Playing Chicken With The Postman

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I had an "uh oh" moment this week when the neighbours gave M a GO-KART. Yeah - it has wheels AND an engine. In my opinion, these two items should never be together in one contraption where a ten year old boy is involved. Anyway, it is now his MOST TREASURED POSSESSION.
So, I watched him zoom around the cul-de-sac for an hour or so, then assigned him the Family Home Evening lesson - "Road Rules You Should Never Break Especially When Your Mother Is Watching".

I know the postman wasn't amused when M went full speed right at him. Waving my arms and screeching, "BRAKE, YOU IDIOT, BRAKE!" surely didn't help community relations. But I was actually talking to the small idiot boy, not the big one.

"Pit Crew!"

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