They're STILL at it?

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I just read that hundreds of gay people marched in front of the Los Angeles Temple today in response to "Prop 8" passing. They stopped traffic and caused mayhem. It looks like the woman (I'm guessing its a female) in front holding the (half right) sign doesn't want anyone to know who she is... check out the dark glasses, hat and coat!

This is what others (not necessarily LDS) commented in Deseret News.

"The majority has spoken. I'm not protesting the people who gave Obama the $750 million to win his election. Although I didn't vote for him, he is the president elect and I respect that."

"California doesn't want it. It wasn't the Mormons that defeated gay marriages, it was 2 million Californians that voted against it TWICE."

"Funny how these things only further isolate their cause and marginalize their views. Violent protests over an election are not usually the most effective way to convince the majority."

"Wa wa wa, I didn't get my way!"

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Cheryl said...

It was on our local news here too! Too bad they have to be so angry and hateful!