I'm Thankful

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For the Saviour and His undivided attention.
For every morning that has no earthquake the night before.
For a great husband who puts up with me and pays for my dental work.
For kids who will feed me when I'm old and pay for my dental work.
For kids who still give their mother kisses before leaving for school.
For kids who do stupid funny things that I can blog about.
For kids who cook dinner occasionally.

For kids who give back rubs.
For hummingbirds.
For laptops.
For jello and ice cream and other soft foods.

For hot water and soap.
For pot plants.
For health and optimism.

For toilets that flush themselves.
For Moroni.
For paper bags.
For garlic and salt.

For people who consider me their friend.
For knitting needles.
For visiting teachers who bring dinner.
For seeds.

For a GPS named Rachel.
For a worldwide family.
For organic shampoo.
For grass and lawn mowers.

For ancestry.com.
For emergency rooms and patience.
For access to information.
For faith and gratitude.
For toothbrushes.

For Hallmark e-cards.
For bridges and roads.
For pink pyjamas.
For treadmills that you can hang stuff on.
For sales at Kohls.
For fossil fuels.
For matching socks.

For red nail polish and swivel chairs.
For self-deprecating humour.

For mothers who blog.
For park swings and waterfalls.
For Lady Godiva chocolate.
For the colour blue.
For choices.
For cold weather and rain.
For kitty litter.
For digital cameras.
For when the trial is over and I can breathe.

For repentance and mercy.
For 80s music.
For wet wipes.

For supermarkets and shopping carts.
For good literature.
For pain relief.
For lessons learned.

For paying the electricity bill before disconnection. Just.
For Temple work.
For blue jeans.
For CAPITAL letters.

For garage door openers.
For green cards to get out of Tijuana with.
For school.

For a full moon.
For BYU tv.

For people who look after my children while I'm away having fun.
For bicycles.
For eyebrows.
For table tennis.
For scrambled eggs.

For uninterrupted afternoon naps.
For people who teach me something without knowing it.

For Cheryl.

2 brilliant observations:

Cheryl said...

This post gave me goosebumps reading it, and then I got to the end and you made me cry. I am weepy anyway, but thanks-you made my day today and I needed an extra lift!
I really love this post!

Bebe said...

I'm still wondering about the pot plants...