I Learned a New Thing!

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Check out this fabulous new signature (below) that I have just added to my post! Yay me! Or Moi! If you have always wanted to post a signature to your blogs automatically, then you have come to the right place! To save you the hassle of googling and scrolling for the information, I listed some simple step-by-step instructions below. I am good like that.

First click
here to create your signature.

1) Click on 'Create Signature'
2) Click on 'Using the Signature Creation Wizard'
3) Enter your name
4) Select your font
5) Choose your colour
6) Choose one of the slope settings
7) Your signature is ready, so click on 'Want To Use This Signature?'
8) Click on 'Generate HTML code'
9) Click on 'Generate a Code for my Handwritten Signature'
10) Highlight and copy the HTML code


1) Log into your blogger account
2) From your Dashboard choose 'settings'
3) Choose 'formatting'
4) Scroll down to where it says 'post template' to the left of the text box
5) Paste the code into the box
6) Click 'save settings '

Now, each time you click on 'new post' you will see your signature is already in place!

Now, hurry up and GO DO IT! Then send me a comment with a link to your post so I can see your pretty signature...

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