Choir Of Angels We Aren't

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I'm feeling sentimental so here is my annual FAVOURITE THINGS ON SUNDAY posting. Feel free to fast-forward to the next post if you don't like a bit of mushy indulgence but I'm telling you, it's the best part... (and there is no next post yet... har har)

The best thing about church last Sunday was when my friend Erika Lundquist and her family sang the interlude hymn, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in Italian. It was so touching although I didn't understand the words. It reminded me that the spirit can speak to you no matter what language you are hearing. But, what really got me teary was Aurora, smiling ear-to-ear and singing her little heart out with her brothers! She is so sweet!

Then it all went to heck when the congregation joined in on the 4th verse. I don't think the people behind me got the memo because they were singing the 2nd verse and the Lundquists were still singing in Italian so who knows what verse they were singing...then the rest of the congregation gave up trying to get it right and different pews were singing different verses and it dissolved into a big fat hilarious MESS. Later, MM asked me if his organ playing was out of sync with the piano because he couldn't hear it... and I said, "Well it was such a disaster, I don't think anyone noticed." "Oh GOOD!" says MM.

You have reached the END OF THE MUSHINESS. Please make your way to the nearest exit and be sure to visit again soon.

2 brilliant observations:

Cheryl said...

That's funny. I can totally picture it!

The Isom Eight said...

So I wasn't the only one that heard the different verses? I wanted to laugh so bad-and Garth just kept telling me to "Keep it down-it's not that funny that everyone can't follow directions!" (I thought it was...)
(PS We sang the 4th verse!)