Baby Booms

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My niece P, who came to visit Moi all the way from Australia, says the funniest things.
I walked into C's room and saw P explaining something to her. "This (pointing at her camisole) is for my booms."
C was confused, "For your what?"
"My booms. This. Is for my booms."
C and I looked at each other and laughed out loud.
Booms! The child is only three years old!
Her mother swears that there is no "boom talk" happening around her house and P doesn't watch anything but Barbie movies so let's think... When was the last time Barbie talked about her booms? Or was it a movie when Barbie made reference to someone else's booms?

Maybe she watched "The Pacifier". I think there was some talk about Vin Diesel's booms... as I remember, he had rather an impressive set.

Is this just a phase? Do you think we should be worried?

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Cheryl said...

I love the word booms, even more than rubbish! I think I will adopt it as our new word.
I served in Taiwan and speak Chinese,(Ryan too) so I am pretty bummed that we can't be there to talk with him. But Crystal B's hubby can!