No Suicides Please

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We drove into the city late at night. Have you ever been to Turk Street? No? Don't put it on your itinerary when you visit San Francisco. We parked and walked to W's hotel being careful to step around the homeless people and the streams of pee. The hotel itself was a very nice one but the police sirens going off at ten minute intervals may make sleep quite impossible. Earplugs optional; waterproof boots recommended.

You can't visit San Francisco and not go on a cable car. $35 for the seven of us to ride for ten minutes? Yup... highway robbery. San Francisco is one big money vacuum. Expect to pay vast amounts for parking and food. We ate at Fisherman’s Wharf. (What’s with the 3.5% health tax tagged onto the food bill? “Here’s your food and thanks for paying for my flu shot.” ?? )

We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s not so much golden as… red. M had a little tantrum about not wanting to carry his jacket and was sent into time out. He slumped onto the deck right under the "Don't-Commit-Suicide-Please Emergency Phone". He was not amused when I yelled, "DON’T JUMP!"

I'm glad we took plenty of pictures before the city installs a new steel 'suicide net' to catch would-be jumpers next year. I wonder how they are going to keep the thrill seekers from throwing themselves into the net? Will they post a sign saying, "If You Jump Off Here Because You Want A Cheap Thrill And Not Because You Really, Really Want To Die, You Will Be In Big Trouble Buster!" ?

Actually, that could be quite fun to do. (Note to self: Go back to SF and jump off Golden Gate Bridge ...wheeeeee!)

The fog rolled in and obscured half of the bridge. It seemed like it jutted out into nowhere.  See how it hangs in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't? (My whole life I've wanted to use the previous sentence. For all my Douglas Adams fans. And that would be - just me.)

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Cheryl said...

I love the pictures, especially the last one. Well, I'm really sad I missed you. Can you believe it? My fault for not telling anyone I'm here now.

R Max said...

Yes, that was a serious oversight. I would like you to please submit your itinerary to me in future... how long are you there for anyway?

Team Fifield said...

So did you like SF or what? I must say that I do love it there despite the dirtiness of it all! The breakdancers are my favorite though... :)