It's A Violation!

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I wasn't going to say anything, I really wasn't but I saw it again today (completely by accident) and I just HAVE to say something.

I SERIOUSLY object to the phrase "I heart you", or "I heart purple geckos", or whatever they HEART! Have these people forgotten how to write properly? Are they grammatically challenged or just lack imagination? Do they think that writing the word "heart" will make you magically see the heart, like on the t-shirts?

In my opinion, using the word "heart" this way is an indication of:
a desire to follow tacky fads regardless of how tasteless, overused and cheesy they are
b) an inablility to be original
c) a personality disorder

It reminds me of when a certain repugnant heiress whose name will not besmirch my blog started saying, "That's hot", and suddenly everybody and everything was "hot". Excuse me while I puke. Like, can you please go to like, Vocabulary School?

If you want 'heart' to be a part of your pithy posting, why don't you post a picture of a heart? That would make more sense. Then, instead of my reaction being: "Oh come on! Get a life!", it would be, "Ooooh..... how pretty.... what a lovely picture of a lovely heart so cleverly inserted in the fabulous and grammatically correct sentence...ooooh!"

Join with me to stop HEART ABUSE!

Vote YES on "Prevention of Inappropriate "Heart" Posting!"

4 brilliant observations:

Cheryl said...

very opinionated, but with passion, <3.

cheryl said...

I hope you weren't offended, I just couldn't resist. And I am so relieved to say more than 3 words, that was impossible for me. Ok, so your biggest pet peeve (or one of them) is cutsie pie phrases and mine is anything Twilight. I love your logic!!

R Max said...

MM. said to me when I screamed
"YES ON 8!" out the window going past the "No on 8" rally, "I don't feel good about this."

He had that same look on his face when he read this post but didn't want to mess with me on it so didn't say anything...

He is yang to my yin.....

Rachel said...

I heart your bluntness!