It's All About The NaBloPoMo

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I'm doing it this year. If I can. Maybe I can't. I may need your help.

What is NaBloPoMo? It means National Blog Posting Month and it's a competition. To participate I have to submit a posting every day for the month of November.
The thing is, I have too many distractions to really dedicate time to this. Kids, husband and two cats, not to mention all the relatives around the world clamouring for my attention. (Just kidding; they don't even like me much.)
No, it's mainly the kids. I frequently go to bed and write while my husband is snoring so that's easy. It's the whole get up in the morning, clean the house, buy the groceries, cook meals and talk at, I mean, to the children that really takes up my time. And I'm also gainfully employed (part-time). So there goes another ten minutes.

You guys could really help me out with this. Here are some of my suggestions:
a) When you comment, please keep it to three to five words, like "You are awesome", or "You are SO awesome", or "I have money for you", or something like that. Just so I don't have to spend more time than absolutely necessary reading your rubbish thoughtful remarks.
b) I need someone to collect my children from school, throw some food at them and put them to bed. I know what you're thinking and no, they have no problem eating other people's filet mignon. But don't worry about me... I don't have to eat every day...

c) I know it stinks but the cats do need the litter changed daily. I will help you out by leaving the garage door ajar so you can crawl under there to reach the litterbox. Also, Lulu has fleas so remember to bring the Frontline with you. And don't get any of it on your skin because the chemicals inhibit reproduction. That only applies if you are female and aren't old. Anyone else should be fine.

OK - well I'm all set.

Thanks everyone!

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