No More Oprah Books

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I've been looking for a good book review blog and I can't find one that meets my criteria. Let me explain first... I like reading CLEAN i.e. non-profane, non-skin, non-horror, non-gore, non-prissy, non-depressing, non-Harlequin, non-drug addict, non-macabre, non-vampire, non-Stephenie Meyer books. But, I am finding that choosing a book is a gamble. It's impossible to know whether there are any of the 'nons' in there without reading it!
So, in the past, I've had to fork out the $$, take it home, read the first ten pages then throw it down in disgust, having encountered the first obscene word that I unfortunately did not uncover during my initial flick through at 'Barned and Nobbled'.

So, what now? Take it back to the shop and rant? "I cannot BELIEVE you sold me this... this... piece of RUBBISH! Have you LOOKED IN THERE? HAVE YOU? It's got RUDE WORDS in it! Didn't you CHECK IT before you put it on the shelf?"

I want to bypass all that aggro and just buy a good clean book. And don't tell me to get it from the library because I still have to go through the same process minus the throwing it on the floor, shouting at the staff part. And besides, if I like the book, I want to keep it.

If you come across a good book review blog that meets my criteria, let me know. If I get more than 1000 books in my Literature Collection, (currently at 350) MM may be frustrated enough with the swaying towers of books in our bedroom; to build me an extra room that I shall name "MY NON LIBRARY".

Gasp! Be still my heart!...

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McCrazys said... is great becuase you can be friends with your real-life friends or find other Mo-mo's on there. Then those friends can recommend clean books for you or tell you anything bad that is in them. Or you can do a search and there are a million book reviews on each book by regular everyday people.

Also... gasp... my dream also. Except I could do without the cute dog. Just make sure the spiral staircase is in there. Thanks for letting me blogstalk you.

R Max said...

Thanks for the suggestion and may the book fairies grant you all of your literary desires...or failing that, strawberry ice cream.

Cheryl said...

I'm on bookreads too, however, I think we have read most of the same books. Does this have anything to do with A Million Little Pieces, the all-time worst book in history? After reading 5 pages of that, and RETURNING it to Wal-mart, I vowed to never blindly trust Oprah again!

Cheryl said...

RE: library pic...What a dream!

R Max said...

I found that Oprah seems to like books that fall into these categories... black, southern, female struggling with oppression etc, etc...
The Million Pieces book was a departure but I wouldn't touch it after I read the Amazon reviews. Plus, as we all found out later, the guy lied. I'm glad you were able to return it.