The Milky Way is Not Milky

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So anyway, we went camping with our ward up in the mountains a few miles from Idyllwild. Only an hours drive from home and we went from 95 degrees to 70! Bliss! It was a beautiful area with lots of pine trees and grassy areas sourrounded by pretty multi-coloured mountains. We set the tent up for the kids (A. liked the tent so much she said she could live in there - yeah riiiight!) and then we put a sleeping bag in the back of the Ford Expedition for MM and Moi. I am 'tent challenged'. I do not like being in close proximity to:
A. dirt
B. things that live in dirt
C. things that crawl in dirt
D. things that slither in dirt
We had a talent show and saw the depths to which people will go to entertain others. I will not mention the half-naked Judge rippling his 6-pack abdomen around to music. Don't ask. You also don't want to know about the 5 teenage boys (2 of them were Bishop's kids) who brushed their teeth with the same brush and rinsed with the same cup of water. Then the 5th kid drank it...YUCK.
To my surprise, both A. and C. got involved and did some impromptu skits with their friends. I may post some pictures...
So after the show and the s'mores and the fire and the kids running around throwing pine cones at eachother, MM and I went for a walk to a clearing where we looked up and saw the stars. Don't get me wrong, I have seen stars before, even shooting stars, but I have never seen SO many, SO bright and SO beautiful! With the naked eye you could see the cloudiness of the Milky Way but, by happy coincidence, MM had his binoculars ($5 from the Sallie shop) and we could then see that the 'cloudiness' was actually thousands of clusters of stars! What a show! And it was all free.
So, we slept in the back of the SUV and although it wasn't terribly comfortable, we managed to get some sleep before the smell of smokey bacon and eggs sent me stumbling out into the morning...

I Hope Your Plan Works Or We're All Doomed!

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This is my first foray into the world of blogging and I am a tad nervous about it. I have so many questions so I put them in a list. Feel free to reply.
What am I supposed to write?
Should I include my real name?
Isn't that dangerous?
Like, am I exposing myself to identity theft?
How personal should I be?
Is this supposed to be a journal or a diary or what?
Will people be offended if I make fun of them?
Will I get hate mail?
Will anybody ever read it?
What are the benefits of blogging (other than making fun of people/myself)?

What's that you say? Why does my title have nothing whatsoever to do with my post? I heard a cartoon character say it on TV just now. I also heard, "What do you get when you cross a yak with a banana?" It's.... oh darn, someone changed the channel.