Of Biblical Proportions

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San Francisco is slowly pushing its LDS residents out of the city. It's not because the hate crimes are getting the better of them, (smashed windows, mobs outside the Temple etc…) but the cost of city living is high and there are few good schools that people feel comfortable sending their children to.
There are 770,000 people within the Bay area and only one Stake. It's a beautiful, thriving city overlooking a breathtaking bay but you can barely walk one block without tripping over toothless beggars who are harmless but in desperate need.

One wonders if/when the situation will be similar to that of Lot not being able to find ONE honest person within the city before he is commanded to leave and everything goes to heck from there.

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McCrazys said...

Interesting. I would love to hear about what is going on with the prop 8 backlash if you ever need any ideas for your daily post.

Cheryl said...

S.F. has long been my fav. city to visit. Since I was little, I looked forward to riding the trolley, eating a Fisherman's Wharf and having a Ghiradelli hot fudge Sundae. But, I have been invited to take the kids this Friday and meet a friend there and I have no desire to do so.
I think you are right on with the Lot example.