Tree Huggers

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Isn't it true that the weakest bladder rules the car? We stopped numerous times at the side of the road to accommodate one young man (who shall remain nameless) until we arrived at the appropriately named town “Los Banos” to use… los banos.

We went to Sequoia National Park to see some giant redwoods. I was seriously nauseated on the twisty-turny road and narrowly avoided an incident involving peanut M&Ms and fanta. This is when Los Banos would have once again, come in handy.

Every one kept their eyes peeled for black bears (known to roam the region) while I was just trying not to vomit. We stopped at the first HUMUNGOUS tree and I staggered over to take some pictures. ‘Twas quite amazing to see trees so huge. We hugged a tree to see how many people we could get around the base of it. There were seven of us and we got about three quarters of the way around. After that bit of fun I spent the next half hour picking bits of red bark out of my top.

Can you see the ant-sized S and MM between two of the Four Guardsmen?

We stopped directly under a tree that had fallen across the road and had been hollowed out to accommodate the traffic. P whined at her mother for something and S said, “We can't, we’re in the middle of a tree at the moment.”

An hour later we were well on our way home and W and S were privileged to experience the sights (police brought all traffic to a standstill on the freeway - no idea why), tastes (A&W rootbeer floats), and odours of California driving. (No less than three skunk sprays wafting in, "Arrghhh... what is that STINK?").

Good times.

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