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I almost spoke to someone who could have photographed someone who may or may not be getting married today and who may or may not be FAMOUS!

I KNOW!! Don't you just wish you were me sometimes?!

It was my brother's last day in the USA, so we took him to see some famous sights on the way to the airport. Driving up the street to the "Hollywood" sign we passed a dozen or so people holding expensive looking "super-duper zoom lens" cameras. They were standing at the end of a driveway with their cameras at the ready.
Curious to know what was happening, we slowed to let W roll down the window and ask them what they were doing.
Guess what?! They wouldn't tell us! They said something about a wedding but clammed up when asked who was getting married.
I understand their reticence. I really do. It's all about being the first to publish the latest gossip with the latest pictures and I'm sure we looked like a serious threat with our three megapixel "point and shoot" cameras clutched eagerly in our hands.

If W didn't have to catch a flight I would've suggested we park and wait to see who comes down the driveway of that million dollar mansion. But, alas, we had no time, so all I could do was fling them an imaginary parting shot: "Yeah, you guys got a lucky break! You could have been out of a JOB because I would have snapped the MILLION DOLLAR PICTURE with my VIVITAR and then BLOGGED ABOUT IT and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WOULD KNOW before you even got out of the cul de sac! So THERE!"

So, if you ever read about the possible wedding taking place today, possibly somewhere in California between one or two possible celebrities, be smug in the knowledge that you READ about it HERE FIRST!
Bringing you the inside scoop... twenty four, SEVEN.

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Cheryl said...

That is so funny.... What a sad life those Paparazzi have!
So your company has gone home now? Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to try it!