When Fairy Tales Go Wrong

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When I was a kid, my favourite Sesame Street News Flash was the one featuring Prince Charming and Rapunzel.
("Let down my what?")
I used to do Guy Smiley skits at school in front of my class! I must've been a weird kid. That was back in the day when Sesame Street was funny.
Jim Henson was a genius.

What's your favourite?

(I've lost my horsey!)

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Cheryl said...

That brought back so many memories! I would have loved to see you impersonate Guy Smiley. I just remember my brothers always saying, "Hi I'm Guy Smiley."
My fav. Sesame Street memory is Mr. Hooper. I wanted to go to Sesame Street so bad and get ice cream from him, but sadly he died.
My weird thing is that I was obsessed with Mary Poppins coming to be my nanny. I swear my mom told me one day that she was coming and I got all dressed up and waited and waited. Finally my mom said, "What are you doing?" And I said, "Waiting for Mary Poppins to get here." Then she said, "Oh Cheryl, she's not real." I cried and cried, while listening to "Feed the Birds" on my little record player.