Slave Drivers

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Now that Christmas is done, the cooking is done and we have leftovers to last six days, it's time to relax and breathe for a bit. Isn't it? No?
"Mum, I need you to take me to Barnes and Noble."
"... Kohls."

"... GameStop."
"... Walmart."

"... HobbyTown."

Curse you gift cards!

Here are my various responses...
a) "Get out of here before I karate chop you... Hi-Yaa!"
b) "I'll take you if you pay... show me the money first."
c) "Arrchhoooo! I cad't. I'b tick."
d) "Ask your dad."

So far answer d) has worked best (because MM is a push over). The kids didn't fall for c) and a) just made them laugh. b) almost worked... "Just take the money mum, take it." (mournful face)
Ah, crap.

2 brilliant observations:

Cheryl said...

My fav. is C.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :)