Define "Crazy"

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I was doing a wee bit of blog walking tonight, reading some funny, serious, boisterous, cute and heart-rending posts, and I came to the conclusion that we as bloggers and mums belittle ourselves unnecessarily and generally expect too much from ourselves.
It's true... tell me how many blogs you have seen that have titles like "The Crazy House", and "Welcome to my Insanity", "Nutcase Habitat" and "My Asylum" etc?
Lots, right?

Yeah, so I pondered on that, it being Christmas and a perfect time to ponder, (in between cooking, cleaning, and cooking and cleaning) and wondered why we think we are so dysfunctional. Because we really aren't. We are perfectly normal people living in a challenged, disaffected, desensitized world.

It's quite normal to feel that we are crazy. We'd be crazy to think that we aren't.

(Mr Bean's Christmas... and I promise this is the last Christmas video for the year.)

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