Tooth Fairy Outed

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M got real mad the other day. It seems that the Tooth Fairy was lax in her tooth-collecting, money-delivery duties. If M had anything to do with it, Toothy would be out of a job. He was that mad.
I insisted, "Well, maybe she couldn't find the tooth! You know you sometimes knock it under the bed and who could find anything under there?"
Silence. Look of contempt.
So I stalled... "Maybe if you put it in a plastic bag and place it carefully under your pillow, she will find it tonight."
"Okay." Eyeing me suspiciously.

Good, I have another night to redeem myself, I mean... contact the Tooth Fairy.

Next day...
"MUM! My tooth is STILL THERE!"
"Your whaa.... ?" Oh no, I forgot the stupid tooth.... AGAIN!
Son standing in front of me, hands on hips. "I can't BELIEVE this!"
Think quick... um... "Did you do what I told you?" gesturing wildly to MM as he walks behind me.
"MM, can you imagine..." with arched eyebrows and meaningful look,
"...the Tooth Fairy couldn't find M's tooth?"
MM nods, casually walks upstairs into M's room, then reappears at the top of the stairs shaking his head and shrugging.
"M, did you put your tooth in a new place?"
"Yes, inside the pillow case so it wouldn't fall out!" (Duh!)
MM disappears again then reappears nodding vigorously, thumbs up.
"M, maybe you should go check under your pillow again...?"

"Oh, alright!"
Stomps upstairs... then yells, "Here it is... she gave me ONE DOLLAR! Thanks Dad!"

(I just added a funny but weird video recommended by the Machen family. Thank you Machens! Its called "Confessions of a Tooth Fairy." Funny. But weird.)

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honeypiehorse said...

Good save but. . . how could you forget twice??

R Max said...

Nevermind twice... I can go weeks. It's one of my New Years Resolutions... "be a better fairy".

Jen said...

Oh my gosh - this is so me. I am the worst tooth fairy EVER! There are teeth in this house that never did get collected. My poor kids.

So glad they're not alone...

Machen family said...

That reminds me so much of a skit about the tooth fairy, it has Kristin Wiig from's so good. I even have the link for you from's so great
and thanks for visiting my little site!

Cheryl said...

I am so glad that your tooth fairy is as busy (forgetful) as ours! Tayli just told me that the tooth fairy never came for her last tooth--pulled out in May!!