Wii Refuse to Buy It

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This week I watched a science show that predicted that we soon won't need to step foot outside our doors to get what we want, because our homes will be able to fulfill our every wish. Our houses will be our computer/fabricator, able to create food, furniture and electronics.

All we will need to do is download blueprints to the fabricator that will construct any "thing" in 3-D. From cutlery to candles, to scrambled eggs and floor lamps, the sky is the limit.

They already have a prototype that I watched make a very crude fork... out of wax. So, they have a ways to go. The scientists are lauding this as a great leap forward in technology, and an all round neat idea but is this really a good thing? How fat and useless do we need to get?

Lucky there is Wii-fit.

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Rebecca Talley said...

Gorgeous beach.

I grew up in Santa Barbara and totally took it for granted. Now I live in Colorado and today we're snowed in.

Yeah, I'd love to be in CA near the beach! Whack! Whack!

si tu veux said...

thank you for your comment...♥ it means a lot to me to have the kind support and feel as though i am not alone right now.