Snow Shmow

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I jinxed myself. Yesterdays post was not supposed to be self-fulfilling prophecy. (See list item c.) And, I actually wrote it the day before yesterday and had it scheduled to pop up in the morning so it makes it even more absurd that today I... have... a COLD!

Everyone is excited to go up the mountain today. Without me. I will not have the privilege of prancing around in flaky white happiness... real snow that comes from the actual sky... like this. Beautiful, is it not?

MM is going to ski (he assures me he can do this) and the kids are anxious to throw themselves down slippery slopes. I hope they take some good pictures before the trip to the Emergency Room. (Pessimism has always served me well.)

As for me... no worries... I just read the best advice... "Feed A Cold" and I have truckloads of chocolate to do just that.

2 brilliant observations:

cheryl said...

Plus you get to just stay home and read all day! Lucky! (Snow is over-rated!)

Bebe said...

I love this photo. It's similar to some I've taken recently. But I think I like yours better! Love the fence...