It'll Never Happen to Me, But Just In Case

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To avoid experiencing the ludicrous and unnecessary uproar that Sue of Navel Gazing fame encountered when she was outed as the author of the entertaining but fictional My Super Hopeless Romance, I am going to unequivocally state here that a) whatever I may post here could be absolute rubbish or, b) it could all be true.

To be fair, Sue outed herself although she had already stated on MSHR that what she wrote was 'pretend'. People obviously didn't get that concept and were HORRIFIED when they found out that Cordy did not exist. Sue was inundated with hate mail. What is up with THAT?

To be fair again, I am never going to receive the kind of traffic that Sue gets on her blogs. Not in a million years. She is the queen of blogging and in a class of her own not to mention that I would have panic attacks if I knew thousands of people were reading my weak attempts at literization.

Personally, I think it's a good rule of thumb to place disclaimers everywhere. That way, when anyone thinks to question you on the authenticity of your information, you can quite smugly point to the disclaimer paragraph, giggle and wink.

NB -Anything you read here may or may not be correct and may or may not be what someone actually said or experienced and may or may not be a figment of my imagination. Or not.


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