Warning: Contains Graphic Descriptions of Grossness

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I am having a horrible time because within the last 48 hours, one by one, every member of my family succumbed to a stomach virus. I am the only one who isn't green right now. I am lucky that I had the bug last week when everyone ignored me ("I'm sick I tell you, SICK!") and now I get to clean up their vomit.

Who knew such little people could bring up so much stuff? I watched M leap across the room and regurgitate about a gallon of yellow, brown and red chunky spew into his sister's sick bowl. I was like... "Wow, you ate that? What was that?"

So far I've had two nights of slumber interruptus and I am high on sleep deprivation. I hope to get some rest before my brain function is permanently impaired. Or, it happened already and I'm too impaired to notice.

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Mammamia said...

Aaah the joys of being a mom. Bleh. Good luck!

honeypiehorse said...

I second that bleh. Hope you're feeling better today.