Decoratively Challenged

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When I visit my friend's homes I am so impressed with their indoor/outdoor Christmas decorating prowess. Their homes look fabulous and smell delicious. I am in awe of the enormous yet tastefully decked out trees, (one in each room in extreme cases) and pretty twinkling lights winding up the wazoo banister.

Then I go home. No lights. No tree. No spicy pumpkin pie aromas wafting tantalizingly past my nostrils. I have a home devoid of Christmas cheer. Good thing the Relief Society doesn't know about me or I'd already be receiving the "Are-you-sure-you're-alright? Is-there-anything-we-can-do?" phone calls.

It was the same last year. We didn't get the tree up until a few days before Christmas.

I am so. hopeless.

I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm going to put everything up tomorrow while the children are at school. They will come home and be so impressed; it'll be worth at least half an hour of good behaviour.
(Ha, ha, who am I kidding?)

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