Have You Done Your Christmas Shopping?

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No I haven't. Actually, we were waiting for our two other kids to come home before we embark on the Great Christmas Shopping Experience. I know that cuts it a bit close because they arrived with only three days to spare. Plus I am hopelessly disorganized, plus we reduced the budget, plus the kids keep changing their minds about what they want, plus I hate spending money, plus I really don't enjoy shopping. Nope.

By the time we get to the Mall I know we will be running around like maniacs (speaking from experience) trying to hide the gifts from each other while also trying not to lose each other in the mayhem. And there's never enough time.

For sure I will make sure we won't be locked in the Mall like we were a few years ago. First we wondered why there were no people around, then we noticed all the shops were closed. It didn't occur to us that they would close early on Christmas Eve. After walking around aimlessly a bit, I started looking for a decent place to sleep ("I call the palm tree!") while C was wailing about spending Christmas Day in the Mall. (I was hoping the trauma would give her an aversion to Malls... no such luck.)

To everyone's relief we eventually found our way out thanks to the laughing security guard.

I think I'll give the kids cash this year.

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Cheryl said...

I've never heard of anyone getting locked in the mall! That is funny. I'm done Christmas shopping... except for the red high-heeled door stop. (: