Dream Home Dreams

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I have had my eye on this mansion currently for sale up in De Luz. I only need a cool $2,995,000.00 for this one... a BARGAIN.
It should appeal to MM as there is a library there already, so he won't have to build one for me. That's worth a million to him right there!

My sister can send me her maid (yeah, she's rich) so I can keep this monstrosity clean and I'll have to buy all new furniture because my scratched up, cat peed couches may not look as good as they do right now.

And check out all the garages - one for each bicycle!

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Cheryl said...

Well, it's beautiful! And the pool alone would make me want to buy it. I feel bad for the people who last owned it b/c they could only afford 4 or 5 books for their library. I like that they were thoughtful about building enough garage space for your bikes! Plenty of space in the kitchen for entertaining, or for people to sit all over the counters. I say get it!