The Best Christmas Ever

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I share President Monson's sentiments... this has been the best Christmas ever.

Although we were careful to shop frugally, we still enjoyed an abundance of gifts (cameras, DVD players, MP3 players, PSP game systems, paintball guns, perfume and chocolate... Lady Godiva of course) and an over-abundance of food.

Christmas morning saw the usual chaos... wrapping paper flung off and boxes ripped into... shouts of glee... yahooing... scoffing candy canes and so on.

In spite of the surrounding distractions... I still felt the spirit of the season more than in previous years.

The birth of the Saviour is a vital and tangible thing for me. Listening to Christmas hymns and carols brought deep feelings of gratitude. I try not to take for granted the blessing it is to know and understand the Saviour's purpose, although I am sure I am an 'unprofitable servant' and not 'easy to be entreated'. Whatever my faults (and they are legion), I still felt special and counted as a child of God.

It doesn't get any better than this.

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Anonymous said...

Many Blessings

Cheryl said...

Thanks for this! I agree with was my favorite Christmas too.