If You Bake It, I Will Come

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 Posted In , , , , , , Edit This 3 Comments »
If you want to be my BFF and I mean FOREVER, then this is the sure way to make me love you... really and truly.

Just bake me one (or five) of these:

It's a pavlova and it's a traditional New Zealand-Australian dessert that is crusty meringue on the outside and gooey meringue on the inside. I have already tried and failed (miserably to be honest) to make one. A slab of meat, I can cook to perfection, but baking is not my strong point. I am however, really, really good at sucking up. I will make it worth your while. Honestly.

3 brilliant observations:

Rebecca Talley said...

Yum! Looks like something my grandma would've made.

Cheryl said...

Ok, I'll bake it. But it's a long drive for dessert! And our home is pretty tiny, but we do live on 1/3 acre so we can build your family an igloo while you stay with us, or a snow cave.

Maria said...

I love Pavlova, but I haven't made it for years. My mom made it several times a year while I was growing up. Ahh, good memories of New Zealand.