She Gets It From Her Father

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C has bionic ears attuned to specific frequencies. If you open a candy wrapper fifty feet away from her, she will move with Edward-like stealth, and be at your side within seconds. A couple of strands of hair lift in the breeze and there she is. "Ohhh... can I have some?"

She can also hear the ice cream lid being removed and soda being poured into a glass. If I want to eat anything that contains sugar, I have to distract her with some ploy, remove myself to my bedroom, lock the sound proofed doors, get in bed, cover my head with multiple blankets, and carefully... carefully peel off the wrapper.


"MUM! What have you got in there? Can I have some?"

Every time.

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Jen said...

My daughter is only two, and this is so her. I call her the Bionic Two Year Old. I even wrote a post about it once.

I see it probably isn't going to change - bummer. I hate sharing goodies!

Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness, she's like a little version of me!

Becky said...

We once had a cat like that. Seriously. He could recognize a potato chip bag crinkling from three rooms away.

But we never felt bad or guilty telling him no. No so with children!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

My boys are totally like this. At our house, we call it "wrapper radar."

(p.s. My husband served his mission in Auckland and we've been dying to go back some day. Any tips on how to get airfare under $1000.00?!?)

Cheryl said...

I totally get this! That is why I do so much eating after bedtime.

Lucy said...

I don't have kids that do this anymore but I gotta tell ya'...animals are worse. If I even THINK of going to the refrigerator, Hank the cat will be there before I even get up out of the chair I'm sitting in. Crazy!

Debbie said...

Why are they like that? And I have hidden in my bedroom and closet to snack on forbidden items more times than I care to admit!