How Did You Spend New Years Eve?

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MM and Moi: Dinner at a nice restaurant... then home and bed by eleven. No, that was MM. I was the one who waited up until the kids were home from their respective parties. I watched the New Years ball lower on tv. I so envied those people thronging Times Square in -8 degrees celsius.
Cold is such fun.

A: "We watched the ball come down then we ran outside and screamed and yelled and banged on pots and pans! Then someone yelled, "Shut up!" And guess what? I haven't eaten since LAST YEAR!"

D: No comment... kid couldn't hack it and fell asleep at five minutes to midnight.

Co: "We played this really cool game called "Curses!" where you have to do whatever the card says for the duration of the game. So, my friend had to pretend that her wrists were super glued to her head for like, an hour and a half! A guy had to speak with an Irish accent. Another guy had to cry like a baby, act like he was surprised, then faint. People kept ringing the bell and making him do it over and over. "Waa waa, eek!" THUD. "Waa waa, eek!" THUD. Then we toasted the New Year with Martinellis... it was cool."

M: No comment... sent to bed early for disgraceful behaviour.

C: No comment... At a sleepover with her friend probably eating burgers, fries, chips, chocolate, cake, candy, sugar on the side with a sugar chaser, and watching movies she isn't allowed to see.

Goodbye 2008. It was fun while it lasted.

(update: C swears she only ate Hersheys kisses and pizza and Wall-E was the movie they watched. A likely story.)

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Jen said...

At eleven o'clock I finally got out of my parents, and off to the party - which was pretty fun, but with way disappointing junk food.

Sounds like your kids had fun - and does this mean there are five of them?

Love your resolutions, by the way. They'll make great paving stones.

Jen said...

Okay, I just watched that tooth fairy video. That was hilarious. Machen rocks, she finds the craziest stuff!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR~! Come get your free 8x10 David Bowman print! Hurry it ends soon! You need to post and e-mail David by noon Jan. 5th :) Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

Cheryl said...

Curses sounds like fun. I will have to look for it, is it made up or a real board game?