Early to Church... A First Time for Everything

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Yesterday was the first Sunday of the New Year... and I was sooo excited, not because it was the first Sabbath of 2009, not because it was a lovely sunny day, not because I didn't have to drop kick the kids into the car.... it was because we now start church at 12.30pm! By jove, the church is TRUE!

(I know some people prefer early start church, but I am allergic to waking up early. I get hives and it's just horrible. People see me and scream, "What is that THING?" and it all turns into a bad taste B movie.)

But, we had a grand start... all the children were squeaky clean and in their uncreased, unstained, un cat-furred glory, ready to go EARLY! (I'm sure they won't make a habit of it.)

Even the small disaster of running out of nail polish remover with three red nails left didn't faze me. But I prepared an answer for those who might notice and be bold enough to ask me what in the blazes was I thinking, going to church like that?
"Scientists have discovered that glancing at three red, chipped and hideous fingernails stimulates a subconscious response to eat less." (Or, put you off your food completely.)

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Kristina P. said...

We went from 9 AM to 10:20, which is perfect! And Sacrament Meeting is last! Not that I would ever miss Sunday School or anything.

But I do have a New Year's resolution to get more church in.

Kristina P. said...

OK, we really are long lost sisters.

My previous comment line said "Pithy comments from loved ones. " No one knew what pithy meant. I almost peed my pants when I saw that you had used that word.

Becky said...

Oh, I despise afternoon church! I would rather deal with the rushing and lateness than cranky kids who were too wound up to eat lunch and will be hungry all through church.

Stinking 1:00 church...

I'm glad you like it though! :)