Breaking and Entering

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Sometimes I just sit and listen...

C: Mum, do we have any bricks?
Moi: What?
C: Do we have any BRICKS?
Moi: Well, I think so. Why?
C: Because A is going to eat them.
She said she'd rather eat bricks than listen to my music. So, I just need to know if we have any, because A has to eat some. And I'm going to make sure she does it. You better get your camera out.

A: (Laughing) OK, where are the bricks?
C: Out there... (shoves her sister out the back door and locks it)
A: (Knock, knock)
C: She can stay out there until she eats ONE brick.
A: (Banging on the door) This is NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!
C: When dad gets home we'll have to listen to his music. Then she'll have to eat FOUR bricks.

Moi: Enough, let her in.
C: FINE! (Flounces to the door and opens it)
A: (Bursts into the room) Mum, I got the door open with this screwdriver!
C: No you didn't. I just UNLOCKED IT!
A: No.... I did it myself! I broke into the house!
C: OK, let me see... (walks out....walks back in) Mum, she took the whole doorknob off! Dad is so gonna kill her!

A: (Walks in) Mum, you guys need to get a new doorknob. This one is rubbish.
C: And you still have to EAT that BRICK!
A: (Stomps out)

(Muffled sounds from outside.) Bang, bang. "Crap!"

** This is not a fabricated flight of fancy. I wrote it as it was actually taking place, right in front of me. You think I could make this stuff up?

5 brilliant observations:

Kristina P. said...

Your house sounds hysterical!

Becky said...

No need for soaps or sitcoms around your place, huh? You've already got free, built-in entertainment.

Machen family said...

I would have her eat the bricks as well. Sounds like she needs a lesson in 80's synth music.

R Max said...

I would agree with you there but she was listening to the "Jonas Brothers" and although I don't hate them per se, I hate everything about them. And their shoes... and their hair... and their... shoes.

honeypiehorse said...

Wow, your daughter totally rules.