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I created this blog so my family could read about our slide into degradation on a regular basis. But, only two of my relatives have ever made the monumental effort to log on and take a look.

Most of my family is in New Zealand. If you were able to see my blog counter thingamajig, you would see that I get hits from all over the world. Even Zimbabwe came for a chat.

The Warsaw Pact visited last week. Sputnik came for a lookski and Big Ben popped over for a spot of tea with scones. Kangaroos took a gander by the billabong while Sauerkraut goosestepped over (don't mention the war) to wave hello. Kung Fu Panda handed me a fortune cookie, then Mater gave me some really good tractor tipping... uh... tips.

But I have not received ONE HIT from my relatives in New Zealand. Why? You might well ask. I'm starting to feel a tad ignored. No phone calls over Christmas and now this!




I may have to put an ad in the paper: "Kiwi chick. Pure breed. Available for immediate adoption. Cute and cuddly. Comes when called. Likes children. Will do tricks for food."

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Lucy said...

What is it about that? With the exception of one, not many even take a look and the ones that do never comment. I don't get that. Commenting is not that hard but about five of them say they can't figure it out. Huh? What's to figure? Does that mean I have made it to technological heaven more than my immediate family?

I hope so. :)

Becky said...

I feel your pain! I think the last time I got a comment from a family member was last May or something.

Sheesh! Where's the love, people?!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I HEAR you! Don't family members know that we want to know that they read about the stuff that's going that when you ever do call them, you will know if they are up to speed on what's going on, or if you need to fill them in...

Kristina P. said...

I rarely get comments from people in my day to day life anymore. Boo on them.

Machen family said...

Dear R Max,
I will adopt you. You will have to sleep with the dogs under the stairs. I make good pancakes and play a mean hand of canasta. If you are good with changing diapers and love Conan O'Brian and Yaz, I will make room for you.

Jen said...

Well, THEY might not appreciate you, but I do. I finally finished my book, and now I'm blogging, and I went back and read all your posts. Love the brick story. And your fam is totally missing out.