This Just In... Tom Hanks is a Bigot

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Tom Hanks, Executive Producer for HBO’s controversial polygamist series “Big Love,” made his feelings toward the Mormon Church’s involvement in California’s Prop 8 (which prohibits gay marriage) very clear at the show’s premiere party on Wednesday night.

The truth is this takes place in Utah, the truth is these people are some bizarre offshoot of the Mormon Church, and the truth is a lot of Mormons gave a lot of money to the church to make Prop-8 happen,” he told Tarts.

“There are a lot of people who feel that is un-American and I am one of them. I do not like to see any discrimination codified on any piece of paper, in any of the 50 states in America, but here’s what happens now. A little bit of light can be shed and people can see who's responsible and that can motivate the next go around of our self correcting constitution and hopefully we can move forward instead of backwards. So lets have faith in not only the American, but Californian constitutional process

What an uninformed, bigoted, pig snot of a statement! It's contradictory, inflammatory and just plain WRONG!

I agree with The Jawa Report, that "Also un-American by his definition? ... Americans."

Don't you always mistrust people who feel they need to open their sentence with "The truth is..." and then continue to insist on it throughout the tirade?

Tom Hanks has just been nominated for my "Major Ignoramus Award". He's at the top so far. Vote for Tom! (Unaware that Gay Marriage isn't legal in 49 states.)

I have alot more indignation but I don't want to pop a blood vessel so I'll end my rant here. Feel free to voice your opinion whether you agree or not, but keep it clean or I'll be forced to put you on an island with a pair of ice skates and a volleyball.

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Kristina P. said...

Apparently, it's OK to be intolerant of Mormons, but no one else.

Lucy said...

If he wants to play these games, I can certainly play too. I don't have to give him money anymore by going to his movies. I doubt it would make a dent, but if only it could.

Becky said...

Well, that just stinks. I've always been a huge Tom Hanks fan, but this certainly isn't earning him any brownie points. said...

The truth is, I'm speechless.

Okay, that wasn't the truth, either. I do have something to say. Since the very foundation of the Mormon church, Mormons have been despised. We survived it then and we'll survive it now.

Sticks and stones, Tom, sticks and stones...

Kelly said...

It's completely irritating, but doesn't hurt my feelings none. I gave up Hollywood and listening to ANYTHING those people say a long time ago. How completely annoying the rest of society can't form their own opinions instead of having to listen to what Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, and blah, blah, blah have to to say-you know?

DeNae said...

Well I was all ready to talk Hitch Hiker with you, and now I'm in a snit over Tom Hanks! Great!

All the Toms on the crush list of my youth are turning out to be fruitcakes. Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, um....Mel "Tom" Gibson. All of 'em!

He probably lost his mind living on that island all those years. Just him and Wilson. We lived in Puerto Rico for four years, and I was pretty loony when we came back to the states.

Now, to FAR more important matters. I absolutely forbid you to read Vogon poetry; if you really feel the need to throttle your brain, just attend a Middle School orchestra concert.

(As a Douglas Adams fan, have you ever read anything by Terry Pratchett? He is, bar none, my favorite author, and cut from the slightly irregular cloth of Douglas Adams. He's as good as Adams would be if he hadn't died so young.)

Momza said...

::::APPLAUSE:::: Tom Hanks has a connection to the LDS church too--so he knows better, but then, he wouldn't be in the news if he agreed his show was just a fantasy like everything else in Hollywood.

And as for Prop-8, he needs to do his homework, alot of money came from evangelical congregations who share our veiws on Gay Marriage.

Tom Hanks was smarter when he just made movies.

honeypiehorse said...

Er. . . is it untrue, the Mormon's didn't give any anti-prop 8 money? Although even if it's true, he does seem to be singling the Mormon's out and I can't imagine no other churches were involved. BTW I hope you'll still leave funny comments on my blog but I'm OK with gay marriage. Then again, I grew up in Hollywood.

Cheryl said...

I saw this on the news last night. You must include the LDS church's response. It was great. I'll try to find it for you....