Pumpkin Patch Pranks

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Cheryl said...

What a fun Pumpkin Patch!!! I love the pictures. Yes, I let Tess where make-up. It is not something that is a big deal to me. Is it to you? Tess said it was a BIG deal to their SS teacher (RH ward), he would often bring up that they shouldn't be wearing make-up! I'll have to find a picture of my cousin. Yea, I shouldn't have written all of that without a picture.
Ok, so while I was at my sis-in-law's she said, "Your friend R Max is so funny! I love reading her comments, then she told me her fav. which I totally didn't get and now that I do, spent the whole day laughing about it, but also feel dumb that I didn't get it right off! Ok, it is the one where you ask about the polygraph questions and ask if they are going to ask Ryan, "Are you or have your ever been a bunny, etc." You are so funny!

Cheryl said...

This may be the most controversial thing you have heard...I don't like Twilight! Is this your first time reading it? I will be shocked if you like it! But Ally shocked me, although she has not liked the following books, only the first.