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So anyway, M. comes home, slumps in a chair and says casually, "It happened again. Some more girls told me they like me. That makes five this week."
"Wow!" says I, "What are you doing to them?"
(Incredulous look.) "Kindness!"
So there you have it. How to 'make friends and influence people' from a ten year old sage.
Kindness!!! D'uh!

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Cheryl said...

Ok, I have been getting M and MM mixed up so that makes it even funnier, thinking of MM as a Rugby player and MM saying, "I'm a working man." And especially MM saying, "That's 5 girls that like me this week!" ha ha!
What a good mum you are!
What are you reading these days? I am trying to get into A Tale of Two Cities, but I feel like I need cliffnotes or and old english dictionary at my side. I did fine with Great Expectations (which I just finished, and loved) but why can't I understand A Tale of 2 Cities?

Bek said...

Hi there, Thanks for your comment on my blog! I have been writing away wondering if I was talking to myself! Thanks for stopping by. There will always be lots of self deprecating humour where my sewing skills are involved ... Oh, and good on your M being kind! Good times.

Cheryl said...

Psst...don't tell anyone, but you are my favorite commenteer.

Mr. Rush said...

M's the man!!!!