High Fructose Corn Muck

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So anyway, I saw an ad on tv where girl offers friend some bright red punch and friend politely declines saying she does not partake of the evil HFCS. Girl baulks then ever so condescendingly tells her it is natural and just like sugar if eaten in moderation. "Oh," says thoroughly chastened friend, "I didn't know that!"
I won't go into how insulting this is to all anti-HFCSers; insinuating that we are largely ignorant of HFCS effects and will deflate in the face of a little opposition.

* HFCS is no more natural than bio diesel or urethane which are derived from corn. I doubt you would like to eat the latter.
* HFCS steals nutrients from your body while it is being assimilated.
* HFCS can only be metabolized by your liver (like alcohol) not
by your cells like normal sugar.

* People who consume large amounts (how much is that exactly?) of HFCS show copper deficiencies. This causes immune system problems, skeletal defects, irregular heart rhythm, dermatitis and more.
* HFCS is lurking in 70% of processed foods (even bread) so it is easy to unknowingly consume too much. (Found in soda, salad dressing, ketchup, yoghurt, corn dogs, bagels, juice, spaghetti sauce, jam, its basically everywhere.)
* HFCS does not trigger insulin or leptin secretion which helps to signal your body that you've eaten enough.

Check all labels when you shop and do yourself a favour - chuck out all your soda. Our bodies have enough rubbish to deal with.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for this actually. I was ignorant. I did not know that it was in yogurt, and bread, and did not know the facts, just that it was BAD!