Final Words on the Matter: Yes on 8 vs. Ignorance

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My daughter had an altercation with a couple of kids at school who objected to a "Yes on 8" sticker she'd placed on her binder. A girl started hitting her until C. forcibly held her hands down. C. told her she had the right to speak and asked the girl why she was so angry. The girl said, "Because you're going to vote yes!" (Oh such an intelligent reply...not.) C. calmly told her, (among other things) "I am not going to vote. I am ELEVEN!"
She had to similarly take care of a boy she caught scraping the sticker off her binder. She reported him for vandalism and he got detention x 3 for his efforts.
On the other hand - she had many requests for stickers from her friends and now there are six of them walking around with "Yes on 8" stickers on their binders!

My last thought on the subject: When I was eleven, I didn't know about same sex relationships and the first time I saw a same sex couple, I was twenty! (Remember? New Zealand!)
I am sad for my children, for the innocence lost. Can we just let them be kids for heaven's sakes? Can we let them grow up without confusing them with gender issues? And, if they choose to, can we allow them the freedom to stand up for their rights be it on the street with a "Yes on 8" sign without grown men and women giving them obscene gestures?

Do I sound angry? I am SO FRUSTRATED! Don't tell me you aren't! I won't be voting because I am a permanent resident and not a citizen but I have to live with the consequences just like you do!

I am lucky I have my daughter and others like her to teach me how to handle myself with dignity or I might be tempted to SCREAM at someone!

Update: MM. took the kids this morning to join the volunteers putting doorknob signs on pro 8 homes to remind people to vote on Tuesday. They were told that cars with "Yes on 8" stickers have been spraypainted and keyed. He said that they had to go out in pairs this time because individuals are being physically accosted by the 'Nos'. And just last night these people were handing candy out to children!

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Cheryl said...

Wow R. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am so proud of C. What wonderful children you are raising. Great job being an example of standing for truth. I think of our girls standing in YW reciting the theme and you are actually teaching them what it means when we say, "I will stand as a witness of God in all times, and in all places..."