I'm Not Ready for Halloween

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So anyway, I took the kids to look at Halloween costumes (I'm trying to be better prepared this year and not make the 11th hour dash to Wal-Mart for black lipstick and vampire teeth).
M. wants to be a rugby player but I couldn't find the striped knee high socks. No problem, I found some on ebay. Private listing. For those who don't want anyone to know they like stripey socks
. Shhhhh.
C. initially wanted to be a hobo but fell in love with a black widow costume, complete with spiderweb collar.
(Maybe Wilbur suggested it?)
A. chose a blue wig....let me guess....Marge Simpson?

Overheard from a teenage boy whilst walking past the underwear department: "What is this?" (Pointing to a padded bra.) "They have built-in boobs?"

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