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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Edit This 14 Comments »
One of those days.  Don't get me started.  Murphy's Law has been dominating me today.  Hanging out at my house.  Eating my food and wearing my shoes.

I need chocolate.  And ice cream.  And a box, about cat-sized.  So I can bury the kitty I ran over this morning.  Not on purpose.  I was taking the kids to seminary when I felt this bump and heard A scream.  J looked out the back window and said, "Yep it's a cat." Then, "Yep, it's dead," and proceeded to text everyone at the High School about it.

I felt so crappy.  Someone's kitty.  Dead.  I know it's total cowardice but I'm glad the owner doesn't know who did it.  That would really suck. 

So, A says, "Remember the cat you ran over this morning, mum?" 
(Cat, you say?  Ran over, you say?)
"Well, it was my friend's cat and she's really mad at you, and ME.  Thanks a lot Mum!"
(No!  Thank the finger happy compulsive texting girl!  The one whose mother called me to tell me that she: "...dragged the corpse to the side of the road for ya!  You're welcome!")  

So, everything is annoying me.  Even my blog.  Especially the background.  Can it be any more cheerful?  Purple flowers!  Ugh!  I need a serious background.  Someone tell me where I can find a serious background.  One that means business.  One that says, "I don't run cats over willy nilly."

And who asked that girl on the sidebar to smile so large?  It's pathetic.  I need to get that picture off here post haste.  There's only so much happy face I can take...

And I need someone to whine to.  Oh, there you are...

(changed the background... thanks for the suggestion Sherrie!)

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One Cluttered Brain said...

I hope you have a better day. I once ran over a possum. (I don't think he was anyone's pet though)

You definitely need some chocolat AND ice cream. And it can't get any worse, can it?

Either way, hope your day gets better.

Machen family said...

Little purple flowers remind me of little old ladies. Little old ladies LOVE kitties. I think you should leave the purple flowers as a remembrance of the little tiny helpless kitty cat you ran over. (were you smiling, like your side bar picture, when you were speeding down the street?)
I think that picture has a very "I like to hunt down kittens" look to it.

(I actually think you look really nice in that picture. Don't change it.)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Hey that blogger didn't publish ALL of my comment. Check out The Cutest blog on the block for background ideas.
GEEZ blogger, Can't you just publish a comment right? :):)

The Garden of Egan said...

I was kinda wondering about the purple flowers.....it's winter here ya know. What's it doing in New Zealand?
I am so sorry about the cat. I can't imagine how sad....we actually I can. I ran over a couple of my own cats. It is awful! I would send you a huge hug, but I think that would probably irriate you further so I am sending you a huge cyber bar of M&M's

Kristina P. said...

I hate happiness! Boooo.

Barbaloot said...

I'll chocolate and ice cream with you! And for what it's worth, I hate cats and am pleased you rid the world of one more.

honeypiehorse said...

It is a bit cheerful. Poor kitty. Seminary can be bad for you.

Lissaloo said...

I hope your day gets better, darn seminary, darn cats, darn texting! Now go eat some chocolate ice cream and feel better quick :)

Cheryl said...

Like mother, like daughter J...And tell that girl you can get her 2 of the cutest kitties to make it up to her. I'll meet you in the middle.

Sherrie said...

It does sound like you have had an awful start to your day. I am so sorry! This too shall pass eh? :) Go take a walk and get a breath of fresh air and then eat some Chocolate (eat some for me too). HotBliggityBlog.com, DelightfulDots.com, and TheCutestBlogontheBlockc.com are all places where you can find some cute backgrounds. Although I like those purple flowers! :)

DeNae said...

Who lets their cats just run amok anyway?? We always kept ours tied up in the utility closet, where god intended. Someone should report those negligent cat owners.

And I'm pretty sure there's some kind of diplomatic immunity to any crime committed while en route to seminary, particularly if it's Assault on a Hyper Texting Teenager with Intent to Ground.

That one's TOTALLY a freebie.

(Sorry you ran over an animal. It's more upsetting than we let on, huh?)

Tricia said...

Too bad you weren't in front of my house. I would have let you run over my cat. I'M JUST KIDDING. Mostly. I love my cat. Especially when she bites my toes. Yes, whenever I am barefoot, she tries to bite my toes. It DRIVES ME CRAZY. And normally, I love cats. Just not mine.

So, tell your neighbors that I'd be glad to give them a cat replacement. Just make sure they are wearing shoes.

(And sorry you are having such a bad day! Hope it gets better soon.)

Rachel said...

So I am so glad that I am not the only one that has run over a cat - I ran over our own cat and the kids, nor my husband NEVER let me live it down (I didnt really like it in the first place). They thought it was on purpose - really you cant back over a cat on purpose. Feelin your pain!

Missy said...

Sorry! It could have been worse! I think! LOL