Chillin' With My Sheeps

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 Edit This 14 Comments »
Today we went to the Fall Carnival. I was quite happy to let the kids go on the spinning, vomit-inducing, whiplash causing tilt-a-whirl ride, while I strolled around to look at the animals in the petting zoo. They had a llama, a goat, a couple of small furry things that could have been rabbits and a flea bitten old camel who was so offended at my presence that he turned his backside to me no matter where I stood.

Then I noticed a sign prominently displayed that read thus:


I'm assuming that you are now shaking your head in disbelief. If you are instead wondering what the fuss is about - stop reading immediately and turn on the TV. You're missing your soaps.

Either the author of this sign also has Female Rams that are currently NOT for sale, or they saw me coming and they're messing with me. The latter makes more sense because I just bring that out in some people.

I admit I am a bit of a Literary Redundancy Nazi. I'm also a Punctuation Nazi and a Grammar Nazi. But only when I'm PMSing. Which I'm not right now. I'm in that happy two-day window. The first day is 'just got over it' and the second day is 'about to start'. This is the time that MM approaches me with all the things he's ruined or run over. Because he knows I am so chill during the 48 hour lull.

I'm not saying MM is a coward. On the contrary. He will dive right into the stickiest situations to help me out even if it means dragging me away from a sidewalk advertisement while I'm frantically waving my Sharpie yelling, "It just needs a COMMA!"

Not that this has EVER happened.

(For those who require explanation of my objection to the 'Male Ram For Sale' sign - interesting fact is that ALL RAMS ARE MALE. Females are Ewes. Capiche??)

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The Garden of Egan said...

Don't do it!!! Remember that the lull will end and then MM will have heck to pay .

Machen family said...

DO it!! I want you to add that comma, then I want you to blog about it.
(Please don't visit my blog while you are PMS'ing. I'm afraid it will set you off.)

Barbaloot said...

I'm the same way---I NEED things to be grammatically correct. But then I start worrying and looking over everything to see if I'm made some mistake.

Kristina P. said...

Wait, does it actually NEED a comma? I guess I need to go back to school.

Guess I better go back to watching Maury give DNA tests to 15 year-olds.

in time out said... should carry around a sharpie...I would love people to correct half the stuff I see out there...Have you ever read the blog of unnecessary quotation can find it through wikipedia if you haven't...And I am with you on the M and M's, they should lay them away...GEEZ Target!

Cheryl said...

I have been worried about Grammar Nazi's ever since I started blogging. See I don't even know if that Nazi should have an apostrophe or not...I hope you can look past my faults.

DeNae said...

If the sign is hand-written, then I'm merely a redundancy Communist.

But if someone has been paid good money to make that sign, and it STILL says things like "Male Ram", then, yes, call me Adolph.

Loved the 48 hour observation. With three women and three men in our household, the hormonal reign of terror hasn't let up in 10 years.

Tricia said...

I think you mean "your missing your soaps." The "you're" contraction for "you are" has completely fallen out of favor with the young people "in the know."

(Okay. That's my grammar related pet peeve. Oh, and the death of the subjunctive--but don't get me started on that subject.)

honeypiehorse said...

No male stallions for sale??

Sarah said...

I am married to a punctuation snob, but I just cant bring myself to use apostrophes. Or spell correctly for that matter. It is hard living with an english major/writer. Thanks for not thinking my blog is utter rubbish, at least long enough to comment anyway. Hope you dont mind a new follower, especially one who hates punctuation!

Christy said...

Watch out, that Sharpie could land you a hefty fine (or maybe even a spot in jail).

White-out is handy to carry around too--it's much neater when you're trying to erase those redundancies. Unite, punctuation snobs of the world!

The Florist said...

Thanks to Regarding Annie, I think I found my newest blog bff. You Kiwi's are freaking hilarious! Too funny.

Sherrie said...

I too have to thank Regarding Annie for sending me over to your blog. I'll be following your blog from now on. What a hoot!

crystal b. said...

I'm shakin' in my shoes R! Do the dashes and dots on my blog drive you insane? I'm horrible with puntuation.

But, there's one thing that does drive me totally insane -- the use of the "Young Womens" Everyone says it at church. Everyone! It's already plural people -- Young WoMEN!!!!! I'm going to have a breakdown one of these days.